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Danpalon Multicell      Fabricated, engineered and installed by skyview

Manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate, 200 times harder than glass, 8 times harder than acryllic and almost unbreakable. the system consists of a main panel with snap-on connecting profiles. The use of stainless steel fasteners allow for thermal expansion and eliminate the need for penetrations through the sheet, hence the structure is 100% watertight.

Motorized roof at the Harlequin Hotel, Sydney over the beer garden
Danpalon 16 mm multi cell

900 m2 Danpalon roof at Lifestyle Pittwater
Danpalon 16 mm multi cell

Danpalon office awning

Danpalon Frameless at Macquarie International Golf Course 190 mm2

Commercial Danpalon with frame on top

Danaplon frameless pergola

Danaplon carport or pergola
Free standing

Danpalon frameless vault

Danpalon walkway
Retirement village Concord

Installation of 22m long Danpalon Roof.

Sport & Recreation Facility Lake Ainsworth.

16mm Danpalon.